Who is dating erica durance

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Who is dating erica durance

Durance began her career with background work, graduating to commercials and guest-starring roles.Durance made her feature film debut in the 2002 movie The Untold. She is known for her television roles, portraying Lois Lane on The WB/CW series Smallville, and as Dr. "I wanted to get my feet wet in a smaller area than Los Angeles when I gave it a try," Durance has said.She continued to study acting at the Yaletown Actors Studio for many years with her coach and husband, David Palffy.Actress Erica Durance will replace Laura Benanti in playing Supergirl's mother Alura on the third season of The CW program, the show's executive producer said Friday.

She played Lois for seven seasons and received three Saturn Award nominations for her portrayal of the character.

'We had tremendous success with a former Lois Lane last season with Teri Hatcher.

'We know Erica will continue the proud tradition of legacy actors joining our shows and creating new and exciting takes on classic DC characters,' Kreisberg said of Durance, who played Lois Lane on the series Smallville from 2004 thru 2011.

since the breakout crime drama first aired in 2013. She’s stalked hit men on the street, her face bruised. She’s tough, but she’s a rookie—and she can be misled. Dancing happens to be one of Megan’s favorite ways to relieve stress.

“Sometimes I’m on set and I’m questioning, ‘Okay, so explain to me how Liz doesn’t get this right now,’” Megan said in an interview with about the character she’s best known for playing. ’ But I think her naiveté is forgiven because she’s a likable character.” Being Liz is demanding for Megan. “It’s a really physical role, and I prepare for it. “I come home to this empty apartment and the only thing I have is my Jambox, and I just turn it on to the Fleetwood Mac or Chromatics or The Cure Pandora and let it surprise me while I dance off the day,” she told magazine asked how she lightens the mood when filming a show that tends toward the dark, Megan answered, “A lot of dancing.

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She guest-starred on the comedy series The Chris Isaak Show and the supernatural series The Collector.