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I find my dream job in Norway (it is not the capital of Sweden).

While being adventurous, I was also afraid of not being able to adapt to a new culture.

Even more so than those make-believe swedish blondes from your fantasies.

Open any lifestyle magazine or website and you are likely to find articles on topics like, "How to have GREAT Sex," "How to Have Even MORE Sex," and "How to Have Even MORE GREAT Sex! David Schnarch, author of , ALL couples have an "LDP" (low desire partner) and an "HDP" (high desire partner). While it may feel more personal when it comes to physical intimacy, the fundamentals aren't that different in sexless marriages or lower-sex relationships.

And after that the Swedes beat Norway in almost everything from clothes to car-making and the Eurovision Song Contest. Norwegians still see themselves as a little brother, and no – Norway is not a city in Sweden. Norwegians like to tell stories of their exploits and how they fought bravely against the German occupation. If you come from the bar with 8 beers and your new friends finish them they will go to the bar one by one after your round – and won’t come back with a beer for you. Find cheap hotels with Trivago in Norway The indigenious people of Norway are called Sami.We got this great guest post from our loyal reader, French Cheese and we're excited to share it with you.French Cheese grew up in France, but currently lives in Norway-- and apparently there are a lot of differences between French women and Norwegian women.And even today, my second time living here, I am still surprised by them. When I arrived, I met some young French people and some Norwegian ones. We’re giving you this handy guide to avoid the worst pitfalls. The Sami are known for their rich culture, distinctive music and art. And, yes, Norwegians did the same to their indigenious people as everyone else. In a very twisted logic it is socially accepted, in many parts of Norway, to wear socks in your sandals.

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Illegal and criminal activities in fisheries must be combated, and this must be done globally.

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