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Precnan for webcam

And finally, after months of waiting, the world watched as April's baby — a boy! Shortly after, the newborn raised his own head and nuzzled mom.Below, watch video of April and her wobbly mini-me bonding and hanging out in their pen."I'm answering a lot more emails now than I was before," he said. We are inundated with messages and emails, media interviews and requests." Giraffes have a gestation period of 15 months.Patch had initially forecast a due date for the calf in January or February, but now concedes that was incorrect, meaning April could give birth at any time.For a limited time, go behind-the-scenes to meet Lun Lun and her newest twins, Ya Lun and Xi Lun. Be part of their milestones and sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime Wild Encounter.

The soon-to-be mom paced to and fro in her pen and occasionally licked the emerging calf while Oliver, the baby's father, surveyed the scene from the pen next door. April immediately bent down to tend to the little one.

The zoo's live cam blinked out of service for the final time Friday, April 21, at p.m. "The future plans will be announced next week of when and how you can check on baby," zookeepers said Friday on Facebook.

We all had a good laugh — then went back to waiting.

For now, the live feed, which has more than 100,000 people logged on to it 24 hours a day, is a look at the moment-to-moment life of an expectant giraffe, basically involving a lot of hanging out next to her baby daddy (Oliver, 5) in the next stall and eating a lot of hay and specialized giraffe food. Look at that magnificent long neck,” The Night Manager star said in his best radio voice, describing her swishing her tail “magnificently around her quarters.

Hiddleston provided a live dramatic narration of the giraffe’s movements on BBC Radio 1 Wednesday morning. She takes a bow; she knows the world is watching.”This will be April’s fourth baby, but it is the first giraffe calf to be born at this small-town zoo, so park officials decided to make the most of it.

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