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Murphy, the current chief executive, will hand over to Baker and then join the Friends Reunited board as a non-executive director.

"Then [they do] not come back for four months." Of the site's 19 million members, 13 million visited "at least once in any 18-month period". Where every other site is dominated by content, with a few smallish ads here and there, Friends Reunited is dominated by advertising.

Friends Reunited promised to put old friends back in touch; in reality it was mostly just an unofficial pioneer in online dating, and a place for bosses to stalk potential employees -- and on that ultimately didn't keep up with the times. "It hasn’t covered its costs and like any business this can’t continue indefinitely," Pankhurst wrote in the post.

"Therefore, whilst it’s sad, I believe it’s time to move on and put Friends Reunited to bed.

By 2003 it had three million members, and was seen as an established rival to My Space and, later, an upstart college project known as Facebook.

By 2005 it was sold, to ITV, for more than £125 million -- but the bad days were just ahead.

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He will report to Ben Mc Owen Wilson, chief operating officer of ITV Consumer.

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