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Datingobama com

The Muslim convert however is Ahmad Rashad, aka Robert Earl Moore, the football player.

It's not clear if he has switched to a more mainstream version of Islam, but he appears to have gotten started in the United Submitters International, a bit of a goofy splinter group whose leader, a pal of Rashad's, claimed to be a prophet and was assassinated, likely on orders from Saudi Arabia.

Rashad, a sportscaster and a close friend of Michael Jordan’s, is keeping the romance on the down low.

“They haven’t gone out in public,” one source told me.

, a fictionalized biopic of Barack Obama's first year at Columbia now playing on Netflix, opens with the 20-year-old student chain-smoking on a plane as it descends into Manhattan, his new home. Cigarettes won't be banned on planes for a decade, around the time Barack will meet and marry Michelle. Barry hasn't embraced his future — he hasn't even embraced his own name. Barry's not the kind of guy who asks for directions.

He gets lost in Harlem back when tagged-up, drugged-out, boombox-blasting New York still roiled like .

Garrow, is revealing who could have been Barack’s first lady — and we’re not talking about Michelle Obama!He quietly takes in the chaos, his chin up and his face calm and curious. To the broke guys on his block, he's "College Boy" — the rich-looking dude they only talk to to bum cigarettes, even though he's as poor as they are.Then a car nearly runs him over and our future president blurts his first word: "Shit! And on campus, he's the only black student in four of his five classes. The Barry who plays basketball at the Columbia gym isn't the same Barry who dunks on dudes at the neighborhood court. Gandhi's astonishingly dimensional examination of racial conflict recalls Spike Lee's , with one key difference.Former President Barack Obama has been one of the most transparent leaders of our country to date.From the beginning of his presidency, he’s dealt with racially charged scrutiny surrounding his birthplace and religion.

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Still with Jarrett's background, you would have expected her to go Shiite. Ahmad Rashad, a Pro Bowl wide receiver, has made yet another great catch.